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Who Are We?

We strive to have a guest speaker at each meeting. Our meetings are open to the public. We are a political club that holds Constitutional and Republican principles and as such we are oriented towards the Republican Party, but we do not endorse candidates in primaries, and we normally do not take official stands on issues. However, we are generally supportive of all candidates and we hope to be an inspiring force for the discovery and recruitment of good candidates.

Our Purpose 

Lisa Ballenger Candidate for Boone County RecorderTo provide a a practical means for broad citizen participation in politics, and to promote practical political education and the dissemination of information on our political system. To promote development of potenetial leaders and to assist in carryong out th principles and purposes of the Republican Party in the following fields of leadership in government, individual rights and freedoms, clean government with local emphasis, and an informend public on the status of government and the issues of the day.